Clinita PULSE device


Digital speed pulse – Pulse improves the work experience thanks to its simplicity of use and setting. The console has a luminous screen and touch-screen practical and intuitive. A technologically advanced software with 5 proposed treatment programs, within which it is possible to infinitely adjust the power and speed of the beat for each application of dermopigmentation
Power and performance – Pulse’s revolutionary technology eliminates the problem of electrical impedance associated with traditional devices. Experience a new sensation of power and maximum control, for works which are almost painless, minimal skin lesions and maximum pigment deposit after only one session
Double control pulse – Clinita Pulse is equipped with two power ports for configuring two completely independent handpieces, considerably reducing setting-up time during treatment and enabling a combination of techniques. A single device for a wide range of applications: from the most delicate permanent makeup, to the most complex artistic tattoo or reconstructive medical treatment
Perfect materials – Digital glass touch-screen display mounted on a single unit made of aeronautical aluminium alloy, which is satin polished, lightweight, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and oxidation
Reliability and guarantee – Warranty extension programs up to 2 years


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Pulse is the console designed for the most demanding permanent makeup, paramedical dermopigmentation, tricological micropigmentation, derma needling and artistic tattoo professionals