Clinita I-SAFE håndstykke


An extremely professional device which caters to the needs of both the most demanding professionals and those looking for a user-friendly device to develop and improve their performance

The only dermographer for permanent makeup, corrective and artistic tattoos that meets the requirements for certification as a medical device

Screw-in – The patented “Screw-In” docking system engine handpiece is sterilizable and autoclavable, hermetically isolating the engine from any risk of contamination
Perpetual Grip – Patented cam “perpetual grip”, avoiding the power losses of traditional cams. No flickers, more stability, no vibrations, more precision
Practical – Special mechanism for infinitesimal needle output settings. Quick hooking system for Clinita needle cartridges
Noiseless – Eccentric made of medical autolubricant material resistant to the most extreme solicitations, acoustic insulation of the transmission shaft, last generation motor in continuous cycle, are some of the solutions that make Clinita’s handpieces the most silent on the market
Painless – The innovative design of the handpiece transmission, the calibrated needle excursion, allow treatments in the absence of pain, avoiding the possible application of analgesics. This allows less stress on the skin, absence of bleeding, better color retention with a considerable reduction in healing times


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